The last day of the decade

Tree of Life (Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, New York)

Tree of Life (Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, New York)

December 31, 2019. New York, New York. 

And so it has come to the closing of a chapter. And yes, I will avoid the cliche of saying that a new chapter begins (except I just said that. Oof!)

The teen years of the 21st century come to a close. Onward we move to 2020. Albeit, it can be argued that these numbers are only from the Gregorian calendar, but for the sake of  convenience we’ll stick to that for now and not go off on a geeky/nerdy sidetracked vortex into various year numbering systems. (Check out the chart of different calendars at the end of this post though.)

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So….. I suppose, like many a year-end-pondering-post – even more ubiquitous with almost every social-media friend, non-friend, media person/celebrity, non-celebrity, stranger and/or acquaintance on some posting spree – I have to blab how it is time for reassessment. reflection, rumination, regrets, non-regrets, gratefulness, gratitude, looking back, moving forward, speculation, celebration and all that jazz and fiz. And also that smug, oft-nauseating crowing of personal and/or career achievements, back-patting, name-dropping, self-soothing, barely disguised self-promotion along with some self-loathing meta-analyses – the latter for those who can look past the pompousness and approval-fishing or the general non-consequential-banality-in-the-long-run of the former.

Well, in some ways it IS time for all that pondering and processing and meta-analyses….it is but some long-induced part-habit, part-social-protocol, part-personal-mulling….as though a number on the calendar can magically change all our bad habits, re-consolidate our soon-to-vaporize New Year resolutions or reset our Optimism Bias buttons at the click of the midnight clock on New Year’s Eve.

As though posting a list of all our hits and misses – mostly hits to show the happy-happy-peppy-peppy ultra-annoying American expectation of the smiley-face frontage – will show the world: “Look-ey how great I am! Look-ey – I’ve done this, this and that, worn ma’ boots and ma’ hat, lookey – how fancy I am!” in some blithe spectacle of self-soothing deceptions of grandeur.

I’m not saying that sprinkling some optimism and benign narcissism around doesn’t work – i.e. it works in showing your friends and strangers that you’re upbeat and accomplished and not about to off yourself as some of those apparent bon-vivants who crowed and puffed and for various-whatever-reasons wore external fake masks of joy while hiding their pain/depression/self-loathing until it was too late. After all, even when it’s not that extreme and can be classified under benign preening and posturing, even in the parade of those who post constant “happy couple” posts, studies have shown that most truly happy couples don’t post as much or rarely post about their couplehood or their relationship on social media, although some do, of course; and while the virtual image is close to the reality for only a few, in a majority of cases, overt-relationship photo-posting is also a sign of insecurity and seeking external validation while undergoing internal turmoil. )

So perhaps what I am in some way trying to communicate is that IT’S OKAY to rip off those masks….it’s okay to purge the facades and unearth the truth….it’s okay to throw away those pretenses of the happy-happy-lookey-me-did-this-and-that….it’s okay to abolish that need for external approval…’s okay to state the truth for what it is. The truth – from your  blogging Gipsy-Geek friendly neighborhood misanthrope ;-) :

The pithy truth – if I may use a slang verb – is that the human species by and large really, truly sucks. Big time. 

We were a flawed fatal accident of Evolution. Ticking time bombs of planetary destruction. A locust-like herd, with year-round/ day-round capacity to breed and procreate, with lifelines prolonged thanks to the scientific brains and hard work of a few, a herd that has spawned at exponential rates to deplete the world of its natural resources, its natural beauty of splendorous magnificence, to rape its forests and grasslands and oceans, purge its mineral-rich mountaintops, tunnel through its mantle and core for shiny objects-of-greed-and-exploitation, devastated & eviscerated and near-driven to extinction its blameless, wondrous, spectacular animal kingdom; tortured, maimed and heinously skinned-alive/amputated-alive/hellishly-murdered billions and billions of sweet, innocent, sentient beings for food and fur and labor and entertainment and false ritualistic beliefs; poisoned its waters, chopped-off its old-growth trees, polluted its air, infected its soil; killed, enslaved, imprisoned, violated other humans since millennia in the name of race, religion, caste, creed, sexual orientation, ideology, greed, envy……….a warring, destructive, polluting species – consuming and buying and wasting like no tomorrow……….never satisfied, never content, accumulating more than it needs, wasting more than it should; apathetic to inequalities, to injustices; and worse, often worshiping demagogues and dictators and following murderous hateful ideologies; and killing or casting out those who DO care, those who DO dare to speak the truth, those who defend the voiceless, those who love and empathize and work to fix and rescue and save.

There is no Hell in the skies or the afterlife. Hell is created by the brutality of the human species on this very earth.

Want proof? I can post a thousand links of the history of violence and human rights’ abuses. And for anyone who watches the news or has the guts to look up sites that defend animals and outline their abuse – check out the pages of Anti-Fur Society Mercy For Animals Animal Save Movement
Toronto Pig Save among many others The cruelty of humans to sentient beings on a daily basis is easy to see.

Do you know that besides all the thousand heinous ways of torture inflicted upon them in industrial farming, even in non-industrial butchery gentle animals are skinned alive, fully conscious with their legs chopped off so they can’t escape while a crowd gathers in delight watching its suffering????!!! – photo) Bleating baby lambs, dog-like pigs, gentle calves beaten and eaten on a daily basis, and even millions of dogs brutally skinned alive and boiled alive to be eaten ( and )? I have blogged about the cruelty of the meat and fur industry previously here, and I will continue to – as well as join my fellow animal rights’ activists in their activism – till the day I die. There is NO excuse for this type of animal abuse except sheer apathy and psychopathy. No, Really!

If you wonder why animal activists feel the rage they do – frankly – let me ask YOU – if you know the facts, SEE the facts – the question rather is where is YOUR outrage? And Will to act? To choose to act with empathy? To prevent such hellish torture and not give up trying?

And then……

Then there is this: In all its ugliness, in all its ghastly concoctions of terror and torture, war and strife – there are those among humans who CREATE – works of brilliance, of wonder and immaculate beauty – Music that takes you to some metaphorical heaven, Art that explodes the very depths of your consciousness, Architecture that leaves you speechless in its sheer structural and spatial achievement, writings, Literature and Philosophy that nourish the soul, dancers and Dances that lift you to exquisite wonderlands, films, photography and cinematography that reach the very heights of Imagination and yonder, man-made means of transport that fly and swim and breeze to carry you across the world (and pollute plenty too – except the bicycle), the very internet through which I’m communicating now – despite both the pros and cons of this world-transforming-cyber-network, scientific discoveries and inventions that not just reveal the marvels and mysteries of the Blue Planet itself but of the Universe and propel one across the galaxy, acts of Love and Kindness and sacrifice and bravery that display the miraculous capacities of the human heart……

Were I to be a hopeless romantic, or more so – delusional – I’d have dwelt on all our so-called glories…..but sadly, when it comes to cost vs benefit – the Benefit of the human species is much, much less to the Cost it inflicts by its very polluting, destructive, cruelty-fueled existence on this planet.

In fact it is safe to say that we humans are at this point a virus on this planet. No, really. A demonic tribe that laughs and gloats while innocents suffer. Take a look at that photo of that cow linked earlier or the dogs being skinned alive and boiled alive. As crude and heinous as it is – it is an analogy of how our species, by and large, has treated Mother Earth. Torturing the Milk-givers, the Love-givers in acts of selfish, ungrateful heinousness for a moment of greed on their taste buds.

And you have to remember – yes, you HAVE to remember – that let alone those without the capacity to create – even the creators of art and science – may be quite flawed themselves when it comes to kindness and ethics, jealousies and greed, consumerism and narcissism. You have to separate the art from the person who makes it; the music from the madness; the invention from the innovator’s personal shortcomings…..

Do not make the mistake to fall for the halo effect; to lionize another human for a single-issue facet.

Where kindness and empathy and love and ethical thinking are absent from an artist or inventor or creator – learn to acknowledge and appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of the creation without attachment to its creator.

That is often hard to do for many, because we often make the mistake of believing that beautiful works may also come from beautiful hearts – and while, in some fortunate circumstances that is true, in many occurrences that may not be the case. There can quite frequently be a disconnect from the aesthetic beauty of someone’s work and the sheer brilliance of their brain-power from a lack of compassion within their hearts. I don’t need to say this – but humans are complex, complicated, contradictory, often chaotic and more often than not – cruel and corrupt and conniving. Bad apples exist in every race, country, religion. Because wherever there are humans – regardless of their gender or race – there will always be conflict, cruelties and injustices (albeit statistically, physical acts of violence are more often caused by men, but women who endorse and partake in cruelty are just as bad. A prime example is the fur industry – the men may be committing the acts of trapping, amputating and skinning-alive innocents, but the women who wear and covet fur are fully participating in this barbarism.)

If you look for salvation in the members of the human species – you shall, you will be disappointed. Such is the nature of their nature – a tragedy of Evolution. Too bad that a larger percentage of humans perhaps took after the warring chimps unlike the peaceful bonobos.

Complete Compassion – the one that envelopes all living creatures on the planet is an exception, not the norm. True empathy and the will to fight for injustices in action is rarer than it’s presumed to be…..if the world was truly fair and ethical and kind – the man-made horrors that exist today and have always existed (remember the Dark Ages and Medieval times?) would not be there.

We are a deeply flawed species, despite all the capacities of the high-functioning human brain. As an organism, a group – we don’t have the efficiency of ants, we are incapable of the pure, heavenly, unconditional love that dogs possess and we lack the ability to get along simply and lovingly like so many animals effortlessly do (if you’ve ever watched the Odd Couples segment on the Dodo….a lighthearted segway to link here – but necessary if you need some mood-lifting therapy)

And so. Here we are…

Ten years spent.

Ten years flown by, or grinded by….a mere insignificant infinitesimally small fraction of a nano-nano-nano second if you think back to Carl Sagan’s Cosmic calendar….

….Whereupon I am supposed to wax eloquent about the last decade about personal milestones, while politely kvetching about its socio-political horrors. I should speak of the countries I have traveled to, the panels I have been on, the speeches I have given, the protests I have marched in, the stalwarts in their respective fields and/or the celebrities I have met and befriended and/or already have a close personal relationship with, the newspapers (or in this case the newspaper – a.k.a the New York Times -) that quoted me and invited me, the lectures I’ve given at some university, the publications I’ve featured in, the journalists and writers I’ve rubbed shoulders with and had deep conversations with, the shows I have seen, the shows I have attended as a guest, a TV appearance or two, the places I have been to, the projects I have undertaken….inflate my ego in some delusion of misplaced self-importance, oblivious of the insignificance of it all, really.

I am supposed to display it all in carefully curated and filtered photos or a collage, if you will, with eloquent brief descriptive paragraphs of gushing joy and humble-bragging vignettes – head cocked on the side, face semi-profile, smiling-yet-serene, hands on hip or neatly folder in front in an “I-am-woman-hear-me-roarrrr”-pose, displaying the societal “image” of success and relative well-being – some form of show-and-tell for adults in a hierarchical world – consisting both of ass-kissing hierarchies and status-conscious social stratification – they’ve/we’ve created for “signalling” (albeit such hierarchies in other forms exist in the animal world too – we may not be going around sniffing butts or chest-thumping…and while the format or expressions may be different – the goal is the same – to show dominance or fertility in one way or another)……

(Trivia wisdom: It actually requires a very healthy dose of self-esteem to be very content with humility & the perspective to laugh at the posturing or d*ck-measuring-contests and displays that go on. 😂😄
– 😏 You’re welcome!)

And in the same manner in which I should put forth my “shiny-happy-lookey-me-so-cheerful” appearance, I should neatly “edit” out those “darker” sides of life which may not look appetizing or appealing or appeasing enough in the past decade – the professional worries during the Great Recession at the start of the decade, being attacked on the street by a felon, the grief at the death of my dad, the days where certain challenges had to be worked out with my romantic partner, the ever-present very real sorrow I feel as I sob at the constant cruelty meted out on animals across the world (along with my fellow animal rights’ activists), those PMS-fueled painfully debilitating 48 hour-long migraine headaches, the fatigue of fighting against becoming jaded and cynical, the realization on how much I agree with (and always thought similarly, even when I’d become a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas for a few months in my very-early 20s) philosopher/author David Benatar when it comes to the case of (against?) human birth..and so many other factoids. No, those are “supposed” to be edited out in the “framing” of “happy-happy” times!

But then again, if the above paragraph were my only string of woes (amid others, too boring and silly to even post, let alone elaborate) how indeed fortunate I am! No truly, I am being serious and not sarcastic here….it is hard not to feel utterly grateful for being so much luckier both through chance, choices, work and circumstance than live in the horrors of reality that so many across the planet face. My limbs are intact, so far, I have food on my table, a roof over my head, educational degrees, I’m not living in a war zone, I can read, write, kvetch and have no addictions (other than an earlier voracious encyclopedia-reading and later Wikipedia-binging addiction) and am more than content with all that I own (to the extend that I have hardly bought anything new in items of clothing, bags etc. in the last 12 years or so), am grateful for my loving partner, for my parents who exposed me to good books early on, grateful for my friends and very grateful for certain wonderful former teachers and professors.

But then who says I have to speak, let alone write about those “happy” moments outlined earlier, and let alone post curated or non-curated photos? The only interlocutor here is me myself asking a rhetorical question in some neurotic loop in a vortex of cyberspace in a blogosphere that houses several millions or on social media which contains billions?

Technically, I am not required to speak of anything at all, to write nothing at all – except as my own outlet. And if I don’t take out the time to post and “curate” photos, it is out of my own reluctance, or more specifically – some languishing laziness – the lethargy of which I’m quite embarrassed by, afflicted as I am by it … a nonchalance that is part instigated by some pathological innate proclivity to procrastinate when it comes to personal preening (as well as several other activities) but mostly an astounding amount of laziness when it comes to organizing and selecting photos of fellow-humans – my own included.

Because, you see – the most liberating of mental and emotional Freedoms, one of the great secrets of happiness (which I’ve long known since childhood – maybe by default being quasi-Aspie-ish) is to not give an iota of weightage to seeking approval from other humans….to not care about impressing, of status-signalling, nor caring to rock the boat and calling out the so-called “polite” outward pretenses of others hiding their apathy or cruelty underneath.

I don’t really care for the approval of other humans. I prefer enjoying the approval of animals. 

If social media has shown us anything at all in the past decade – it is the immense amount of narcissism tied to keeping up appearances – an entire industry of (often idiotic) “influencers”- who don’t care about the suffering inflicted on billions of innocents across the world – as they pose and preen, puff-up and peddle – their “perfect” selfies and pouted portraits placed along backdrops – real or fake – as they wrap their bodies in the skin and hair of tortured innocents….peddle “lifestyles” under idiotic hashtags of #lifestyle as they espouse an overtly consumerist and materialistic “aspirational” persona that is often times as fake as it is destructive to the pristine landscapes that get defiled in the process. (Please read this excellent article on “selfie”-tourism:

Which brings me to: The secret – or rather my personal secret of joy. Yes, yes, while I do have the true love of my human partner and the well-wishes of true friends – my secret of joy truly comes from not really relying on any human for my internal state of happiness. Never did, even as a child as much as was possible. I derive joy internally from that space of silence and solitude within and externally from the company of animals and trees. Anyone who has had or deeply loved a dog or cat or any other non-human family member will understand this. And even more so – those who have loved ALL animals – their love and empathy not just restricted to their pets.

Numerous studies (to be listed at a later date here) have shown the therapeutic, healing, incredibly powerful mental, physical, emotional benefits of the true angels in our midst – animals – and the TRUE giver of unconditional love – D-O-G.

Has there been anyone so innocent, so unconditionally loving, so supportive, so beautiful, so life-nourishing, so healing, so loyal as an animal – especially a non-human mammal – you’ve cherished or known?

Of course if you’re a parent or have a child – a lot of this may not be applicable, as while you may love and be loved by a family pet – you’ll always feel more bonded to your child. It is after all the strongest evolutionary bond, and placing the focus of one’s very life to the immediate needs and caring of one’s offspring has got to be the greatest distraction and savior from existential angst and pondering for sure, even while it exponentially increases material worry for provision and upkeep (if you are a good parent obviously). There is no time to think about many other problems of the world when one’s purpose is to to raise one’s dear child.

And yet, and yet….the same human parents who could never think of any harm befalling upon their own child often have no qualms of snatching away a milk-suckling baby from his/her mother – an innocent lamb, a baby calf, a little baby goat or a suckling piglet and putting them through unbearable harm and torture for eating their body parts! With no concern of the pain and suffering of their mothers who too are tortured, miked dry and brutally killed off! Have you ever wondered just how barbaric the process is? They are fellow mammal babies and mothers for goodness’ sake. And yes, they absolutely DO feel the same feelings of love and bonding to their children as you do and unbearable physical pain when slaughtered.
Evolve. Indeed – Evolve already!

All these gentle creatures ever wanted was just to live and to love and be free and the human species decided to take away even that basic right from them. (Yes, carnivore animals do hunt in nature – but…just binge watch BBC Earth’s Planet Earth series to realize the very STARK difference between how they do it vs. how humans do it if you don’t know so already. Also, unlike big cats and other carnivores we certainly do not require meat to survive.)

But to return to the point of the innate love humans feel for their children – for those who relate with Benatar’s views (a few quotes here: and feel ambivalent about parenthood, you know what I mean. To quote Anatole France: “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

But though animals bring so much joy with their very sweet dispositions and presence, there again is the source of my great sorrow and for those like me….for when you love animals and trees you feel that unbearable pain when you see their deaths and their suffering and worse, feel the helplessness when you can’t stop it all….and in many ways you are tied to that pain forever…until it is your own time. An existential certainty tied to love and pain. To attachment. To bonding.

At least you know that your dog will never be disloyal….something which cannot be said even about human childre

And so, as the last teen decade ends – the decade of Haitian earthquakes, Filipino typhoons, Australian wildfires, Brazil’s Amazon burning and depleting, BP’s and other “natural” gas companies’ oil spills, the Arctic melting, civil unrest, the rise of right-wing populism, the ever-present terrorist bombings by fundamentalists of all kinds around the world, of psychopathic world leaders and their army of Orcs, of Orange idiots and power-hungry dictators, of divisiveness and irrationality, of increasing populations in many places with decreasing population in others, with uprisings of concerned citizens who are much younger than the elder-folk but generally far more aware of the science of climate change and our biodiversity’s degradation, of the ever-increasing shortages of resources, of territorial conflicts, the humanitarian crises of refugees and migrants only increasing around the world (and obviously the torture of animals which I don’t see ever ending – for if there is one thing in common among people of all races, regions, countries, religions (except Jainism), ethnicities around the world – except for the minority who have evolved enough to be truly kind – it is the horrendous apathy and psychopathy meted out on animals) – just remember that environmentally, and let’s accept it – the world won’t get any better. We’re past the tipping point (…/is-it-too-late-to-save-the-climate…)

Short of some scientific miracle – that fundamentally exorcises the cruelty and greed and stupidity of the human species – the pillage of our natural landscapes and our wild and domestic animal-world will not stop in the future. Even if certain states or cities bring in more ethical regulations just like a few recently have (finally having developed some awareness thanks to the relentless work of activists), there are vast swaths of entire countries and people, who, well – really don’t give a damn about their flora and fauna. Sad, but completely true.

I so admire the brave and wonderfully optimistic scientists, designers, ecologists, inventors and doers who are bravely trying in so many ways to improve or heal our ecosystems. And I salute the medical scientists throughout history who substantially worked to alleviate physical human suffering….and yet, how sad it is that in a resurgence of anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-kindness demagoguery of the ever-increasing masses who exhibit stronger traits of dumbness, cruelty and/or both – there is a denial of the wisdom of proven science – the very science that doubled their life-spans…..

Is it wrong for me to sometimes wonder if humans should have ever come into existence at all?

Is is wrong for me to often state that I so wish that Evolution had stopped at the Bonobos?

Is it wrong for me that when I hear of self-induced “selfie”-deaths occurring by slippage or mauling, I say under my breath: “Darwin” (as in the Darwin Awards.)

Is it wrong of me to have a fantasy that somehow the human species had evolved in a way that it could be fertile only every 10 years only twice in their lifetime? I mean they could have sex whenever they chose but except for once or twice in their life they would be sterile the rest of the time? 

Obviously I’m not asking for anyone’s opinion of whether my rhetoric is right or wrong. I already know the answer 

For many of us who live in the USA, it was one of the darkest days in American history when the vomitous Orange Goon became Peesident.

But for those who have studied Ecology in-depth (myself included) the dice had already been cast when Al Gore lost the crucial election in 2000 thanks again to the outdated Electoral College system and the infamous Florida recount. Because he knew the precariousness of our environmental fragility.

The ultra-capitalist ruthlessness of Reaganism (not that morbid Stalinesque-style socialism or Maoist Communism are any better) had already set in motion much of the damage that unbridled greed would cause, but Gore at least understood the science behind climate change. He would have worked for environmental protectionism and conservation which he continued to do even without holding political office.

Instead, the devastating Bush Jr. years and its resulting chaos, wars and reversal of environmental policies, followed by Obama’s luminous personal presence and intellect – which brought back a glimmer of Hope – (but sadly most of his time in office spent in cleaning up and recovering from the mess of the Bush years with antagonistic opposition from a Republican House and Senate because the idiotic (yes in this case) and complacent liberals had not turned up in the midterms to vote for the Democrats) – was followed by the Army of Orcs installing their Orange sociopath-moron in the White House despite him losing the popular vote in 2016, fueled by their hatred for a far superior Black President and their misogyny against a whipper-smart (albeit with past political baggage-thanks-to-husband) woman candidate.

Trump is the ultimate rabid bull in the porcelain shop of our fragile ecosystems – which had already been subjected to cracks from years in advance and harmed even more once Gore lost in 2000. (Let me not even get into animal-rights issues in this paragraph, because we already know the truth on that.) If you don’t have eco-anxiety already, which several ecologists and land planners had for eons – then I assure you – following long-time environmentally-aware actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s facebook or instagram feed is sure to give you Eco Depression. Because the latest news stories about our depleting landscapes and fauna are always on his feed. One may choose NOT to see that of course, but avoiding reality won’t necessarily change Reality.

The precipice has been reached.

The only way is a wild ride as the roller coaster hurtles downwards, and then hopefully (hoping against Hope) perhaps, perhaps it rides up again? Humans won’t go extinct – fear not. They are far too resilient and far too numerous. Like in earlier times and in the past century – the innovations of a few in the future will carry on the survival of the multitudes. The plot-lines of Sci-Fi movies like “Elysium” will likely be a reality, albeit conditions in “The Road” are just as likely while “Idiocracy” turned out to be the most prophetic of all.

No, our species won’t go extinct. It is too resilient – or rather with too much of a killer’s or psychopath’s survival instinct. But what it will do is drive most of the rest of our beautiful, unique, innocent life forms to extinction. It already has done so for millions. And it will only continue to do so.

Until then, all you can do is choose Kindness. And choose to fight against barbarism. Because every individual act of kindness counts. Every drop counts. Believe it. After all, it is a multitude of drops that make the ocean.

Every plastic bag NOT taken from the grocery, every act of not creating waste, every act of ethical ecological responsibility counts.

Make that choice to not endorse the murder and torture of absolute innocents; to not pollute the planet with more plastic; to reuse clothing; to sip from the cup and not use plastic straws; to stop rabid consumerism, your lust for crystals and diamonds; your lust for always bigger, for more, more, more…the list goes on and it’s simple (; to choose ethics over greed and shallow posturing.

Is that really that hard to do? 

Here’s to #2020 ahead and to 2020 hindsight.



Choose Life

As 2020 comes in, if you haven’t already -Choose life over death; choose compassion over torture…. ……and you don’t need Paul McCartney or Prince or Mr. Rogers or Benedict Cumberbatch or Peter Dinklage or Jon Stewart or Joaquin Phoenix or Anoushka Shankar or Billie Ellish or Natalie Portman or Carl Lewis or Venus Williams or Martina Navratilova or Novak Djokovic….you get the point – many others who do it for the animals and/or their health – to say so. 😄 Basically, if your brain’s not wired like a psychopath or Narcissist and if functioning properly in the empathy-area – watching any animal raising+slaughtering or fur video or dairy industry calf-killing should make you reconsider partaking in this heinous abhorrent theriocide…. But if even after knowing/seeing, it doesn’t rankle the empathy area in the brain – then, well – no words really. (And no – those who say they love their dogs and cats – but are absolutely okay wearing fur and eating animals who are intelligent, compassionate mammals just like their dogs and cats are just plain hypocrites – yup – pretty much) (Won’t post horrific slaughterhouse videos obviously – as there are SO many truth-exposing vids and even documentaries out there – but you can always see where your meat and fur and down and fancy croc+ostrich/lamb/calf leather purses or Ugg boots come from – straight out of the worst horror shows on earth involving the horrendous torture of absolute innocents in the most heinous ways. For those who are not hypocrites or apathetic you can go to Mercy For Animals or Anti-Fur Society or Animal Save Movement and several others. There is no shortage of information. ) …and if you’re of an older generation – be prepared one day when your grand children and Gen Z – most of them way more aware and FAR more outspoken than older generations of the heinousness of the meat and fur industry – look at you in disgust one day and ask you: “Mom/dad/grandpa/grandma how COULD you?!!??? How COULD you – you horrible, disgusting, cruel people?!! You ruined the planet for us! You eat innocent BABIES!! You wear the fur of dogs skinned alive!! You’re cruel beyond words!! You’re cruel beyond words…” #ChooseLife #ChooseCompassion #ChooseTRUELOVEforALLanimals 🍏🍊🍋🍎🥦🍇🥭🌶🌽🍆🍅🥕🍐🥑🍉🥒🍍🍒🍑🥂🍾🍷


* Calendars from various systems:

2019 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar 2019
Ab urbe condita 2772
Armenian calendar 1468
Assyrian calendar 6769
Bahá’í calendar 175–176
Balinese saka calendar 1940–1941
Bengali calendar 1426
Berber calendar 2969
British Regnal year 67 Eliz. 2 – 68 Eliz. 2
Buddhist calendar 2563
Burmese calendar 1381
Byzantine calendar 7527–7528
Chinese calendar 戊戌年 (Earth Dog)
4715 or 4655
— to —
己亥年 (Earth Pig)
4716 or 4656
Coptic calendar 1735–1736
Discordian calendar 3185
Ethiopian calendar 2011–2012
Hebrew calendar 5779–5780
Hindu calendars
 – Vikram Samvat 2075–2076
 – Shaka Samvat 1940–1941
 – Kali Yuga 5119–5120
Holocene calendar 12019
Igbo calendar 1019–1020
Iranian calendar 1397–1398
Islamic calendar 1440–1441
Japanese calendar Heisei 31 / Reiwa 1
Javanese calendar 1952–1953
Juche calendar 108
Julian calendar Gregorian minus 13 days
Korean calendar 4352
Minguo calendar ROC 108
Nanakshahi calendar 551
Thai solar calendar 2562
Tibetan calendar 阳土狗年
(male Earth-Dog)
2145 or 1764 or 992
— to —
(female Earth-Pig)
2146 or 1765 or 993
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Year-end-year-ahead Conundrum

Gotham City Conundrum by the Gipsy GeekDecember 31, 2018. New York, New York. So here’s something to end the year with…and ring in the New Year. (I’ll spare explanations of why I’ve been tardy in posting regularly in this space….but in a nutshell – Life and Procrastination. And travel. Lots of it… Zurich, Bombay, Baroda, London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Toulouse, Bordeaux in that order just in the past three months alone. And earlier in the year, time spent in New York, short stints near Chicago and briefly Montreal and Toronto.)

In early fall, before the mid-term elections, I was proud to give a speech for women’s rights and a call to political unity among liberals at Union Square, NYC, as the gathered throngs chanted in unison against the political and environmental degradation in this country, as we marched from Union Square to Times Square; And earlier in spring I joined many, many of my fellow women architects (including many older women architects I’ve long admired as inspiring icons) at the annual AIA meeting in New York to make the voices of women architects heard and to demand equity, visibility and due credit for our work in our very sexist profession. If anything at all, it is always cathartic to speak up…to speak up FACTS, that is.

Many of my stronger opinions and political views were shared with friends on my personal Facebook page (which is why, perhaps, I am guilty of not posting here), even as I continue to maintain another page on this link (this one is public and not related to my personal FB page) –  – can you believe it will be 9 years since I started it?!! It was the first of its kind on social media, before pages like that sprung up aplenty in 2017.  However, I can say with certainty that early-a**hole-personality-detection runs in my DNA. My maternal forefather – a leader in European politics – had written a book, a scathing critique against fascism –  years before the Holocaust foretelling that Hitler was a grave danger – at the time when people thought he was good for the economy.

End rant.

On to reflection.

As every year ends, as we grow another year older, and often another year sadder or wiser, or for some – especially for those whose neurotransmitters+receptors (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins) are working in a balanced and healthy way – another year happier – we get into that time when we reflect on what we’ve gained and what we’ve lost, the past that cannot be changed and the future that is yet to unfold, the conundrum of the choices we’ve made or are to make, unsure at times if they are the right ones……..even as we try to keep Hope and Optimism alive as we always do when we step into something new – like a new year; in this case, the last of the teens of this century, before the start of a new decade (2020).

So to end this year, and ring it in with some New York jazz from New York – the city where I live and which is closest to my heart – here’re two videos that I edited for a very dear person and his jazz trio. If you like their music, give their official facebook page a “like” to keep up with their upcoming concert dates –

The name of the album is Conundrum. Regarding its name and content, says Skolnick:

“It represents the sense of confusion many of us are feeling in the midst of the strangest sociopolitical upheavals of our lifetimes….This album captures many styles in an effort to channel that angst into art and inspire others to do likewise.”

The album, released in September went on to No.2 on i-tunes jazz charts on the very week of its release, preceded by Miles Davis (Kind of Blue) at no. 1 and followed by John Coltrane (the Best of Coltrane) at no. 3.  Not bad company! ;-) Of course,  the greats who always are at the top 10 soon took over their original positions but the exhilaration to see its rise upon its release was nice. If you want to support independent artists, please buy their albums – don’t stream on youtube, unless it’s a promo video – such as these ones :-) (Links to purchase are found underneath the videos on youtube and on the fb page, but as a repeat here they are as shortlinks:  and )

Enjoy, expand to full screen and turn the volume up! The first is of the complete album excerpts; the second of possibly the liveliest tune of the album. (Videos edited, along with additional videography, photography, album design etc. by yours truly – Maddy, the Gipsy Geek.)

Here’s saying goodbye to 2018….and reflecting on the conundrum in the year that was and the year(s) to come…..and, in the process, using music as therapy.

The 2nd video is the full performance of a lively song “Culture Shock” which has received thousands of views and is one of the album’s favorites…the music combines eastern (you can hear the Oriental and Middle-eastern melody) and western (jazz and Americana) styles, along with a dash of southern bluegrass and blends them into a harmonious whole. The title of the track also loosely references Herbie Hancock’s “Future Shock.” The guitars used are a semi-hollowbody-acoustic & a vintage telecaster.



“What Happened” last night

Around 6:15 pm September 27, 2017. At the Greenlight independent Bookstore in Brooklyn. Got to meet and speak with  Hillary Rodham Clinton and get a signed copy of her new book. 

Meeting Hillary Clinton

Me, all smiles after meeting HRC and making her laugh. She was so gracious, dignified and warm.

She was very gracious and spoke with all who came. I blurted out a few sentences that I can’t fully recall, as I felt quite overwhelmed seeing her again. She always looks very well-coiffed, elegant, soft, feminine and delicate in person and does not photograph as well as she looks in person.

But best of all, she cracked up and guffawed loudly when I said I’d started the page Donald Trump SHUT UP nearly 7 years back because I couldn’t stand his idiotic rants. That while I’d adored her since the ’90s, I found him utterly repulsive from even back then.

We got lucky to get in early in the line. That’s Huma standing behind me in white, while I’m speaking to HRC – in the 2nd pic. The bookstore staff did a great job to accommodate everyone despite the long lines and keep things running smoothly. Right in front of us in the queue was a tiny 4-year old girl – Grace Payton-Lafferty – dressed up in a white pantsuit and a string of pearls who stole hearts and ended up being featured in several media outlets, including a tweet by Ms. Clinton herself. When I saw little Grace in the line – where we’d been waiting for an hour and a half, I told her that I hoped in 25 years I’d see her running for office. She is too young now to understand a lot perhaps, but one of the most heartening aspects was to see how inspiring Hillary has been to little girls, raised by rational parents, many who lined up outside the bookstore to get their own signed copies of “It takes a village.” Since Grace was right ahead of us we saw Hillary herself light up, stand up and and hug the little girl.

I remembered how seeing Indira Gandhi as a little girl I’d immediately thought that a woman could hold any position she wanted to. (We won’t get into what I found out about Indira later – nothing that male politicians haven’t done themselves.) But Hillary was more qualified, capable, kind-hearted and deserving than IG, and a self-made woman from a middle-class family instead of being born into a political dynasty like IG. And yet, in this topsy-turvy world the highest post in America was denied to her, despite being ahead by more than 3 million votes. Do you think that instead of Donald & Bernie, if it was trashy Donna Trump (pic) or hysterical Bernadine Sanders (pic) running, they’d EVER have been even taken seriously, let alone get a following??!! 

What a different state we’d have been in today if even a fraction of the votes wasted on 3rd parties or by abstainers had gone to HRC (or if Huma had dumped her sick hubby a long time back so a last-minute Comey investigation/announcement was avoided…. I’m not even getting into Trumpers, BernieorBusters, etc. For that you can read my detailed houghts from last spring here – )

Instead of this intelligent, articulate overqualified and literary woman with incredible strength, resilience and pragmatism, we now have the most disgusting, vapid, stunted “peesident” in US history – an excuse of a “man,” a scourge on the planet. 

I would rather see HRC in the White House than in a bookstore…I saw her earlier up close during her victory in the NYC primaries last spring, but this time I was able to speak to her. The woman who should have been the President. The woman who should have been the President of the United States had sanity, rationality and fairness prevailed.
#HillaryClinton #WhatHappened

Hillary Clinton 1992

Hillary Rodham Clinton: The woman who should have been President

From Hope to Grope in 8 years

Say Nope to the Grope. 

Donald Trump Grope #pussygate


Countdown tickers keep announcing it’s 28 Days to the election.

28 Days later also happens to be the name of a post-apocalyptic horror film depicting the breakdown of society following the release of a highly contagious rage-inducing virus which causes humans to turn to zombies and viciously attack each other.

28 days is also a cycle all women are aware of.

Which will it be? Horror movie or Uterus? ;-)

For continued coverage of my thoughts about the abominable Trump, check out the page I’d started more than 5 years back: Donald Trump SHUT UP


“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
– Elie Wiesel (Holocaust survivor, author, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate)


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke (statesman, author, orator, political theorist, philosopher)


“Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.”
– Christopher Hitchens (author, journalist, essayist, orator, social critic)


#DumpTrump #LoveTrumpsHate #GetoutandVote #pussygate  #ImwithHer


The REAL Revolution in American politics

The REAL Revolution: Hillary Clinton + Elizabeth Warren 2016

I had jotted down thoughts since January of this year, but held back from writing those here, as I did not want to get involved in the immensely divisive climate the US Election season of 2016 has brought out.

For a long time now I have patiently sat by and watched people I thought were mentally stable go on for months – indulging in cult-like behavior, exhibiting unbelievable toxic vitriol and posting comments and posts that reeked of misogyny, implicit racism and an inability to check facts or reality, or even Mathematics, for that matter. And I am not referring here to supporters of a certain orange-faced buffoon. As that is quite another story:

Some of you may know that more than five years back in April 2011 I had started a page on Facebook –Donald Trump Shut Up.” Back then I could not stand his irritating rants, “birther” accusations and other ridiculousness and had a fear that due to his hatred and narcissism he would seek political power himself.

I will be frank. I CANNOT STAND Donald Trump. Not just recently, but ever since I  laid my eyes on his hideous Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City in the ’90s with its garish, ugly interiors, tacky neon signs and cringe-worthy crass design. How could anyone, anyone take pride in such a hideous interpretation of one of the most serenely majestic architectural wonders of the world (the real Taj Mahal)? It was but an external manifestation and a glimpse to the shallowness and cheap extravagance of the man’s inner “soul,” or rather lack thereof.

What is more baffling is that there are so many racist, idiotic people who adore him and voted for him and celebrated his presidential bid, fueled by their common hatred for a highly intelligent, intellectual, cool and rational black man – President Barack Obama. Anyway, for the last five years, news articles on Trump’s crassness and impudence have found room on that page. If you are on Facebook and can’t stand Trump’s obnoxious rants, feel free to give it a “like.” It gained more attention since his presidential bid, but I take some silent pride in having been the first in social media to have started a community years before this current show of his textbook case of pathological Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


And this brings me to the other contender who, while by no means an outright narcissist, shows plenty of signs of another disorder: “The Messiah Complex” with hints of delusions of grandeur: The waving, ranting, initially likable yet increasingly irritating Mr. Sanders.

No – I am not impressed by him the way many Berniebros and Berniebras have been by their elderly “white messiah.”

My maternal forefather was the leader of Great Britain’s ultra-left party, founder of Labour Monthly, editor of Workers’ Weekly  and author of several books including his most important one – Fascism and Social Revolution – a scathing criticism and analysis of fascism, with a study of the rise of fascism in Germany, Italy and other countries. He called fascism a violent authoritarian, ultra nationalist, and irrational theory. In his words: “Fascism is antithetical to everything of substance within the liberal tradition.” He pointed out Hitler’s danger much before anyone else, and in the same token was a huge defender of socialist and communist causes, and his own nephew went on to become a future pivotal Social Democratic Prime Minister of Sweden before being assassinated…….So, suffice to say, I have seen much of extreme Left-wing politics in my own family to be impressed or dazzled by it; and more so, understand well when it works, and when it doesn’t. And unfortunately, Sanders’ old-style Soviet-inspired socialism is the kind that reeks more of hypocrisy than true progressiveness.

It is not just due to the terrible track record of his wife who was a known career bully and embezzler of college funds, giving $10 million of college money to the Catholic diocese (for a shady land deal), demoting and bullying popular professors, running the college into debts – which local papers reported more than 5 years back and finally leading to its closure thanks to the crushing debts she’d created. And this duo is somehow magically going to provide “free education” to millions as they have promised? Highly unlikely. Plus, as a president she made a hefty 6-figure package while all professors in small colleges can tell you how low their salaries are, while the administrators, like Sanders’ wife, pocket the fat paychecks.

(And I am well aware of the other spouse Bill Clinton’s victories and flaws, so please spare me the lecture. I just think the press has been very easy on Jane Sanders and her cunning ways.)

My disappointment with Sanders has been due to his own hypocrisies and inconsistencies as well as his implicit racism when he discounts the votes of the colored populace and of minorities who have not felt his “Bern” but have had a nose for his BS. And most of all it has been due to the rabid insolence and bullying sense of entitlement of his online army of trolls.

All politicians in general are hypocrites to a lesser or greater extent….some are just better at disguising their power-lust under masks of populist rhetoric. And those are the greatest hypocrites of all.

For a long time I believed his heart was in the right place, till his vitriol, narcissistic savior-syndrome and one-note diatribes revealed a power-hungry man, suffering from a permanent persecution syndrome, disguised beneath populist jargon and slogans. Sorry. I’ve lived in several socialist countries and seen hypocrisies in its politics to fall for that. In fact even the progressive democratic socialist countries (like Denmark, Canada, Sweden) are not impressed by his old-style, washed-out 1920s-style Marxism. And as a Canadian, I’d like to say – No – BernieorBust people – please don’t come here if your refusal to vote for the Democratic woman nominee results in that Donald becoming your President. We don’t want entitled spiteful people here.

Che Guevara was a revolutionary in the traditional sense – that requires guts and masculine grit. Ahmad Shah Massoud – the Afghan leader who stood up against the Taliban,  the Soviet and the US was a Revolutionary, and one of the bravest. Gandhi – who used non-violence as the weapon and Nelson Mandela were Revolutionaries. (And oh yes, other than Massoud, they all had skeletons in their closets regarding their personal lives.)
But whining and waving – wanting to get approval from the same party one denounces yet wishes to use its funds and delegates, bellowing that the system is “rigged” only when you don’t win, complaining its rules don’t apply to you because you’re too “special” is hardly a revolution….there’s another name for it: it’s called entitled Whining.

The tiniest of squeaks written against this new cult leader is usually met by a barrage of petulant, irrational, hair-splitting defense and doxxing by his army of bros who then resort to a modern-day version of lynching through the internet,  discrediting the credibility and at times character assassinating the writer online and publicly. For a long time, not wishing to deal with it, I have remained silent. No more.

Having received several ignorant, insolent and threatening comments and messages from Trumpers on my Donald Trump Shut Up page, I am gobsmacked to see how similar in tone and intent the threats of ardent Berners (not the sane and sweet ones) have been, albeit they have a far better grasp at language and vocabulary than the Trumpers. Is there a similarity? Yes – as the video in this link to the UK Guardian article clearly shows:

And there is no logic nor reasoning…..since blind loyalty foreshadows any logical facts or research. There is only hate. Blind hate towards a woman. Blind belief in the propaganda. Blind hate towards anyone who points out facts from legitimate sources. 

It brings to mind the Horseshoe Theory in Political Science. The horseshoe theory asserts that rather than the far left and the far right being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, they in fact closely resemble one another, much like the ends of a horseshoe.The theory is attributed to French writer Jean-Pierre Faye. Good horse-sense.

Now, is Hillary the “ideal” candidate? No. And who really is? Ever? She has her flaws (like every other person) despite her obvious toughness, political shrewdness and years of experience in government and in the strength and Teflon hide she exhibits in not letting her detractors affect her. She is a consummate and ambitious politician – as is Bernie, because the only real “outsider” is Trump. But among the contenders she is by far the most politically experienced who has been vetted at a world stage, and the most articulate and intelligent who does NOT show the slightest signs of magical or delusional thinking unlike the other two candidates. (She is also an INTJ woman, and being one myself, I know how hard it is to be a smiley-chirpy kinda “gal”, and how forced it seems when you have to deviate away from your Spock-like rational ways in order to express emotions to appear “relatable” or a “people person.” Efficiency precedes emotion. And Reality or Rationality precedes rhetoric or rants. For what it’s worth even Barack and Michelle Obama are INTJs.)

For months I watched the vicious witch-hunting, witch-burning and outright hatred that was spewed and posted by Bernie supporters (& Trump supporters) on social media and elsewhere, in articles written by passionate millennials among others and even by a certain white man who pretends to be black and has a shoddy record of stealing away the money raised for a racial cause he touts, who seemed to hate Hillary with a passion, even as he discounts her popularity among a majority of black voters. For what it’s worth, I do like several of his other articles though.

I had to Snopes-check many of the articles that used to be thrown around by the cult of followers – since the ridiculousness-factor had upped to such an extent that short of her eating babies raw for breakfast – every other sin possibly committed by a living creature had been attributed to her. Outright lies and conspiracy-theories made into memes floated around. The Mob was out there, grinning, blistering, asking for blood, pitchforks sharpened, every disappointment or anger towards a member of the female species in their own personal lives now focused on and directed at a convenient scapegoat and surrogate punching bag.

This vitriol against a candidate who just in 2007 was the darling of ultra-Leftie Michael Moore who even had a self-confessed crush on her. How times have changed – or rather not. She was burnt on the stake back then by the Republicans for her “radical, socialist” ideas, and she’s being burnt on the stake again by many millennial extreme-Berners who were probably 10 years old or not even born when all that was going on back then. Go ahead, take a look: 

It goes without saying that she is infinitesimally better than Trump, and in many, many ways better than Sanders as a Presidential front-runner. The latter’s list of hypocrisies have been well captured in this well-researched and logical article:

In this election there is no truly ultra-fabulous candidate, but one of them has been a trailblazer right from her school days and has worked hard for years especially for women and children and the gun-control lobby (and therefore hated by the NRA, which incidentally loves both Trump and Sanders) …and hands-down is more preferable than the orange demagogue and charlatan which is the Donald. Hard to believe that half of this country still thinks he is a capable, rational man; and another section in their misplaced hatred would rather watch it go to the monster than take action by voting for the Democrat nominee. Who knew that the movie Idiocracy would prove to be so prophetic?

Here’s a simple question – do you think Bernie or Donald would have stood the remotest of chances had they been women??

I’ve often had this thought that regardless of the pretense that we live in a post-gendered world, how rampant a role gender plays in how we judge people vying for the same or similar positions of power.

Imagine for a minute how Trump or Gramps  would have fared if they were women.

Donald Trump as a woman

Dianna Trump – a 70 year old diva

Dianna Trump would have been (rightly) dismissed off as a vulgar shrieking banshee diva, throwing non-stop hissy fits, with NO qualifications except daddy’s money and a reality show; called a casino-and-club-hopping “slut” with three marriages & with a plastic-surgery-addicted fake-tanned orange rubber face. Quite frankly as a woman she’d have been loathed and seen as repugnant, a cougar who made sexual remarks about her own son, and an uncouth mouth that railed insults against everyone from the Pope to the disabled. Who could take such a spoiled diva seriously as some leader?!

The only people who’d have voted for “her” would have been fans of the psycho reality series of The Real Housewives.  Yet this joke of a man is now the head of the party which once had Abraham Lincoln as its leader. How the GOP has fallen!

Bernie sanders as a woman

Bernadine Sanders – a 75 year old lady

Meanwhile “plain Jane” Bernadine Sanders would be laughed at as a disheveled loon, with a massive “entitlement complex wanting free stuff,” called out for yelling around stuck on one issue because “no Wall Street guy ever hit on her,” rallying around as a “trouble maker,” “rabble rouser,” with “no brains for Math or Economics,” and judged harshly for remaining largely unemployed till the age of 40 with sporadic work even though her parents paid for her University degree, critiqued on her lack of fashion sense and the fact that none of her bills got passed… and oooh! the scandal! Writing a gang rape fantasy essay for a left wing mag & having a baby out of wedlock!! Who could take this “old broad” seriously as some leader?! I have a feeling that women would have supported Bernadine but the men and those ardent, rabid BernieBros? Not so much! Gone would be the vicarious affinity they feel towards an older man getting fame and attention from nubile young women, fulfilling a longing that you can be a lost soul in your youth ala Bernie-style and still make your life worthwhile in your mid-70s.

Yet, because they are 70+ white men, no one holds them to the grueling standards they hold even the most qualified of women.

Oh boy – even their shooting threats and rape fantasies are jokingly or poetically dismissed away respectively while the real woman is burnt on the stake with tribal chants. “She’s held leadership roles since high school to her 60s! Burn her!! Burn her”

No one dares to talk of them in the dismissive fashion they would have, had they been women with exactly those same facts on their resume as they have as men.

And gender doesn’t matter in perceptions on how the lynch mob phrases character traits? Bullshit ;)

Everything from Hillary’s voice to clothes to her hairstyle are scrutinized…while Sanders’ opulent lamb dinners and Vatican trips on campaign money are waived away or his hoarse voice and Trump’s obnoxious voice are barely touched upon. And wait  a minute – what is a “pro-environment leader” doing wooing coal miners in West Virginia by saying the coal industry jobs won’t go away in lieu of cleaner energy alternatives? Votes, baby votes! Worked for him. But in this blind cult-leader worship, who cares? Wait a minute – wasn’t it Hillary who was the earliest supporter of New York’s Highline Park – something Guiliani’s govt. had intended to destroy, and wasn’t she the one who fought relentlessly for the project, even raising millions for its construction? Shouldn’t environmentalists and architects who love the Highline Park project thank her instead of coal-industry supporting Sanders, who strangely also says he’s opposed to fracking (while supporting the coal industry?!) Yes – it doesn’t make sense – but that’s how facts get blown away when cult-mentality sets in.

For months I have also endured many of my rocker musician friends posting Photoshopped fake memes being shared on socail media – showing how knowledgeable Sanders is about music and how poor Hillary’s tastes are. Sorry to bust your balls – turns out Hillary is the rocker and Sanders likes…..Celine Dion.  Check for yourself here: 

So, although tonight was the night that history was made and the United States has a shot of perhaps joining a rank of several other countries that were ahead of the curve in terms of women leaders (whether they were “perfect” or “flawed”) – instead the victory was still marred thanks to the poisoning of the well by a demagogue Narcissist from one party and a sore loser from the other who in his bitterness did not even acknowledge the significance of the moment but navel-gazed calling it his “struggle.”

His actions are akin to a man who joins a new firm or a music band for just a year to seek fame and then yells, screams and cries foul that he alone should be made the CEO of the company or the band’s front-man because he is SO “special,” entitled and “above the rules” that all the other members or employees who have slogged for 25 years should have no say and bow down in awe before his “ultra-special-ness.” Anything else is a conspiracy.

when we win and lose

And let me not get started on the Trumpestein….I have documented his acts in the page I’ve spoken of earlier.

I find that America – with its relatively younger Puritan religious past sadly still suffers from the “Madonna-Whore” complex when it comes to attitudes towards women and have a very hard time accepting women with complexities in positions of power, unlike other countries, which had pagan pasts where female goddesses in religion or leader-queens were not uncommon.

The US couldn’t even handle a nipple at the Superbowl, forget a female Prez!

How I ardently hope you will prove me wrong on that! We are not talking of a Sarah Palin here. We are talking of a Hillary Clinton with an Elizabeth Warren.

And here is my rant against the Berniebros who have hounded me with a hypocritical holier-than-thou attitude even though not a single one of them is living off the grid nor making sure they don’t use plastic bags and – are using every possible consumerist product as they spout new-found cliches which true  environmentalists have known for decades.

To those hypocritical ones: Do remember that UNLESS you stop shopping at Walmart, drinking at Starbucks, religiously buying Apple products or designer clothes or cheaper ones at H & M (where exploited workers including child labor in Bangladesh make those clothes), eating only Whole Foods products, and basically are still addicted to your consumerist choices – you are all just helping the Rich get richer and helping the Big Biz that your great leader critiques with flaying arms. Really.
Will you be changing your habits or lifestyle? No, I don’t think so.

YOU, WE, we the people, help the “big bad Big Biz” when we buy products of publicly traded companies. Start living off the grid if you so dare then, and start buying from small independently owned entrepreneurs and non-profits then, before getting up on those high horses. Or listening to Hollywood actors being paid Millions by Big Biz movie investors – who’re suddenly acting as though they are so pristine and honest and financially un-tainted as they “feel the Bern”!! *cough* hypocrites *cough*

Also – don’t forget that even Google and FB and Twitter where you rant – are traded at the NYSE of “big bad” Wall Street, as are those company 401(k)s that you invest in and don’t bother refusing; and your supreme “pristine” leader also invests in stocks and shares through Wall Street brokers so he’s not exactly the Saint you have made him out to be. He may not be a 1%-er and seem genuine in his intents, but he is still a 3%-er whose steady and high paychecks all came from your tax money while his wife’s came from the high college tuition. And not once did he speak about the plight or strains of small business owners….

He is better than Trump and a large majority of other politicians – don’t get me wrong – but he is also not the Superman that weirdly all Americans want to come and “rescue.” What needs “rescuing” is your own voracious consumerist tendencies that have helped big Corps.

And the only reason he is claiming he has a better chance against Trump is because his fanatic supporters would rather let the country and world go bonkers than vote for the opponent he has spent a year demonizing. Yes, the damage he has caused is irreversible. And if in your bitter vendetta you end up with Trump, then you deserve it. Just don’t say it’s for your “pure ideals.” Humbug. Admit it is for your horrendous sense of petulant selfishness and hate. And lack of love or logic.

As well, to many of these ranters – don’t forget who donates millions to the Arts, Sciences, Performing Arts, Museums, Medical Research and much more…..yes, philanthropists who make charitable use of their wealth so our cities can have concert halls, museums, art galleries and create grants. Look up Jeff Skoll, Warren Buffet, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Richard Branson just to name a few before they are sent off to the guillotine.

If you keep doing this mad witch-hunt against Hillary, without getting facts straight, please know that the consistent bullying, rumor-mongering, meme-posting and mocking actions are very very similar to Trumpians. Really. I know this because I get mind-numbingly threatening and vicious mails and comments from his supporters every day on my anti-Trump page.

It also gets incredibly stupid when I see many of the women supporting Sanders are ones whose idea of a “romantic hero” is not some poor, good-hearted fellow, or an intellectual writer/artist but a sadistic, emotionally damaged – but wait – RIDICULOUSLY wealthy- Big Biz-owning – Wall Street -trading stupido (not unlike a young Trump) from the idiotic “50 Shades” series. Hypocrisy at its best.

If Sanders hates everything about the government so much (& justifiably at times), why does he even want to be part of it? Wouldn’t his “integrity” then be to not want to have ANY part of it? Or even want to be President of such a “terrible, corrupt” country? Or use the money of the DNC that he so despises?? The senate, Congress and White House staff won’t change overnight if he’s elected and if he moves into the White House….It goes back to a previous article that I linked…No, “millions” will not rise to fill those posts. That is….magical thinking. Good rhetoric. Impractical in reality.

Won’t he ride limos powered by oil from the Big Corp? Then wouldn’t he be an even greater hypocrite?  

So does he really want to do it for people or for his own position? It is for the latter. SO much rhetoric, so few concrete plans, numbers etc. 

But perhaps what I do like the most about him is his tenacity, his energy, his fighting spirit (even though highly petulant and patriarchal at times) and the fact that a man at nearly 75 still followed his calling. I have to hand him that. In fact that goes to all the senior citizens who entered the race. Who says life ends at 65? It IS encouraging and inspiring in many ways to see a 68 year old lady and a 74 year old man fight it out with seemingly inexhaustible energy and chutzpah. And I would have liked it more even if he was Bernadine Sanders, although something tells me all the male Berniebros would have then called “her” an “old crazy b%*#,” and not seen Bernadine’s inner fire. It is different for the bros, because he is a man, eh? (sigh)


Now I’d LOVE to see this REAL revolution in American politics.

In my sense of logic, seeing a winning ticket with TWO intelligent, articulate, experienced women is the REAL revolution, and a true precedent. THIS would be a revolutionary act for American politics, cloaked as it has often been in its various forms of implicit and explicit racism, sexism and hypocrisies. “Revolution” does not consist of a choice between two washed up 70+ angry white patriarchal men fuming and frothing from their mouths and stuck on the word “wall” as they go on and on with their insufferable narcissism. 

Instead a truly Revolutionary idea would be to see two competent candidates who for the first time in the history of American politics happen to be of the other oft-ignored gender; in an arena which has seen 44 male presidents and 47 male vice-presidents since 1789 

This would be my dream ticket:

The REAL Revolution: Hillary Clinton + Elizabeth Warren 2016

The REAL Revolution: Hillary Clinton + Elizabeth Warren 2016

And if a cool, intelligent, rational black man as President is followed by a strong woman or two – and that is too much for implicit and explicit racists and misogynists to handle – well, too bad, DEAL WITH IT!! 

And while, we’re at it, DEAL ME IN!

Addendum: I just watched her speech inside the Brooklyn Duggal glass greenhouse where she crossed over to the numbers needed to clinch the Democratic nomination. My friend Linda was there in the midst of all the excitement. I recalled the time I had seen her in person in May, just 2 feet away, and shaken hands with Bill, at the event after her primaries’ win for New York state. 

But the fact I just can’t get over even today is how soft, delicate and feminine she looks in person. I think she really doesn’t photograph well – because it was a pleasant shock to see her in-person.
I was imagining a hard, sour-faced tough-looking woman to appear, and instead a soft, incredibly feminine (in gait and demeanor) and delicate woman appeared, looking well-coiffed and gentle, and then spoke in a powerful, tough, rousing mighty voice. The contrast was so mind-blowing. I’m still getting over it.

I had never expected such an antithesis to the photos vs the in-person look.

It’s really odd, this hierarchical longing mammals in groups have to see a leader, the “alpha” of the tribe, but despite meta-analyzing my curiosity, it was a rather unforgettable night with the spirit of New York in all the speeches and in the entire room.

I have lived and grown up in three countries which had women Prime Ministers. I hope my present country will have its first woman President, finally catching up with several others in this arena. No, the problems of women will not change overnight by that, nor will sexism be over (just as Obama’s win did not end widespread racism against blacks in the US or the world.) But every little girl in the US, just like I did in my earlier countries, will know that you can reach the highest levels of leadership and that ceiling has been broken. I know I wouldn’t have become the woman I am today had I not grown up in countries where that ceiling was broken many decades ago, unlike the US.

Note: I finally decided to post all this when I noticed a couple of days back that Elizabeth Warren had simply posted a photo asking Democrats to unite against Trump. The comments on her page were filled by crazy BernieorBust fanatics now attacking Warren with nasty, misogynistic and a string of ruthless hateful comments. It was then I realized completely how insolent they were. They would rather lose women’s rights, LGBT rights, gun-control laws and national security out of spite through simmering in their hatred and handing a dictator like Trump the presidency. They were so consumed by hatred for Hillary that they would let their country and the world go to rot.

These were not “progressives,” they were ruthless anarchists and haters.  And the saddest thing was that Bernie, with his own hunger for power was OK with this….Like the kid in the school yard who loses a board game to a girl star pupil and therefore throws away the board in anger, he would go a step further and let his herd pave the way for the school bully to blow up the school and the neighborhood.

For the sake of the world, I hope that changes, and that the people who have the privilege of surviving a Trump presidency realize that letting it go to him is the most selfish act they have committed and they are no friends of humanity nor of the environment – only their own egotistic selfishness. Somewhere inside I still have some faith in Bernie’s conscience.. And I hope he will unite the party, and not let that faith go, and think of the larger good, something he speaks of, but I yet have to see in concrete action……

Hell-O-Whiny & Hollow Weiner


Tomorrow, October 30th, 2010, at noon the Jon Stewart-and-Stephen Colbert -organized Rally to Restore Sanity will commence. Alas, by the time I checked on the free buses, they were full and all the commercial buses  and trains had sold-out tickets. I’d have attended the gathering more to get a first-hand view and because I think that quite a few American late-night comedians have far greater wit, intelligence and rational wisdom than most news channels in the US, and especially far higher IQs and healthier mental  capacities than the psychopathic escaped loonies who inhabit the Fox news desks.

The Rally to Restore Sanity started in jest as a counter-rally to the one that Fox  show anchor – the rabid, clinically narcissistic-and-borderline-patient Glenn Beck – had called in DC earlier which he termed as the Rally to restore Honor. (You see, Beck in his vitriolic rage had misspelled ‘Horror’.) Anyhoo – if you are not convinced about the IQ levels of the self-aggrandizing neo-Nazi tactics of recovered-drug-addict-turned-Mormon-turned-paranoid-power-addict-cult-leader Beck and the other shady characters that dominate Fox news and its massive outreach, see for yourself in this  BBC say-it-as-it-is Charlie Brooker analysis:

Believe it or not, Charlie hasn’t included the most nauseating and hate-mongering clips of Reily and Beck.

Fox news is insanely popular in the Southern states, and in my two years in Florida, the angriest people I came across, religiously followed it. These were the same ones who worshiped Bush  Jr. and had supported the Fox-news-led infamous Florida recount that had stolen Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential win and inserted Bush into the White House in what would become eight years of economic, military, environmental and greed-and-war-infested horrors and financial debts leading to the Great Recession – the legacy of which the world is still recovering from, and for which President Obama is still trying to clean up the mess.

Fox-news-supporting groups of course call intellectuals and the east-coast intelligentsia as ‘elitists’ and non-right-wingers as “commies.” Now, I’m no “Commie” (although I do have a socialist chip from my mother’s side of the family, and without name dropping, the only ‘hint’ I’ll give is that that ‘chip’ in both Sweden and Britain contains the name ‘Palme’. But they were good socialist leaders.) Instead, I do believe that the benefits of democracy and capitalism – HEALTHY and ETHICAL capitalism, that is – are far better than what other regimes have  achieved. I do not believe in the Either-Or extreme views of both extreme capitalism or extreme socialism as being sustainable alternatives, but hope that in a just world a healthy balance between capitalism and socialism can exist, and where respect for environmental and ecological health holds the strongest foundation.

I also believe that any system devoid of truth and health at its roots will ultimately rot and that such systems cause incalculable damage to people’s minds and a nation’s objectivity. And the rabid rantings of the Fox -trot Trio are most certainly unhealthy and hate-mongering propaganda. They like burying objective facts, exaggerating emotions, convert feelings-to-facts and display rage-fits like irrational people suffering from borderline personality disorder (not much unlike the rants of Khrushchev & Stalin – the real commies, and not much unlike the gesticulations of Hitler – the fascist.  Not surprisingly, in pure borderline disorder ‘projection’ the very qualities they themselves possess, i.e. behaving like the power-hungry Stalin and the hate-hungry Hitler are the qualities the Fox news trio of Hannity-Beck-Reily venomously attribute to Obama. In fact Glenn Beck alarmingly thoroughly studied both Hitler’s works and Mormonism. It shows. It shows. Don’t let his baby-face fool you. This man is a clinical narcissist and although I’m a US resident, the day he and the other giddy-girl Palin come to power, I’m moving to Canada. The way I see it – I’d rather freeze my arse in a Canadian winter than be ruled by arses in some future Palin-Beck cuckoo-land.)

Last week, on a stroll in mid-town Manhattan I saw some Green Party activists peacefully protest outside the Fox News headquarters on 6th Avenue. They also distributed fliers with actual quotes that the ‘stars’ of Fox had ranted on TV and radio – an unbelievable array of racist, homophobic, unscientific, uninhibited, rather pathetic, hate-filled quotes that I have decided not to waste time typing and giving space or breath more than they already occupy on air. Instead, I’m enclosing photos I took of some of the activists who voiced their concern against the Foxists:

A protester holds a banner in front of New York’s Fox News headquarter

A peaceful protest against Fox news media on the Avenue of the Americas, NYC Oct 23, 2010.

Protest against Fox news’ hate-mongering

Due to President Obama’s paternal Black ancestery, Fox news has always resorted to racist rants against him and other people of color.

A protester against Fox News’ rabid rants hold up a poster. Avenue of the Americas, NYC, Oct 23, 2010

Truly, sometimes I wish the sound engineers and cameramen at Fox, would just walk out as the Becks, Hannities and Reily’s go on air. Then we’d see if their rants and attention-craving hatred is possible without the devices invented by the REAL brains of the world – the men who invented the microphone, the camera, studio lights, television monitors or the satellites that relay their bile-bearing babble. I’d like to see how the Becks of the world can exist without the science-loving, peace-loving inventors of the world – the ones they call the ‘left-wing elitists’ – the ones whose inventions of telecommunications and electronics they rely on as they preach their Mormonsim and hatred of humanity disguised as ‘love for their countrymen’ not much different than the fake ideologies of ‘country love’ preached by Stalin and Hitler. The only ‘good’ is that the trio are still comparatively (but only comparatively) harmless and civilized than radical head-chopping Islamic militants – who I may add, are also extremists and not representative of  the majority of followers of that religion.

But then, head-chopping is not this trio’s style, really. Head-numbing is more like it.

Here’s hoping that Stewart’s Rally goes on peacefully and sanely. Why is it necessary? Probably most because in an orgy of political correctness, the only ones making noise are always the irrational, the angry and the extremists. And the voices of rationality and sanity are often drowned in the cacophony of crap. On that last bit, I read on a CNN report that that indeed might become the only  ‘issue’ in the Rally to Restore Sanity:

But things could turn to insanity when it comes to the bathroom situation.

Rally organizers are having trouble finding portable toilets for those attending, reports. Their event occurs the day before the Marine Corps Marathon, and organizers of that event have locked the 800 they have rented until Sunday morning.

– CNN (

Hmmm. Hopefully things will be solved to find a sanitary solution to a Sanity rally. But hey! At least it doesn’t stink like Beck’s verbal farts. Darn – if they had only invented Pepto-Bismal* for verbal (and mental) diarrhea. I’d have sent him a lifetime’s supply. Maybe the “elitist, left-wing commies” at Harvard and MIT and Cornell Med should invent some ;-)

*Beckto-Dismal – a pill to prevent paranoid irrational on-camera rantings and severe attention-seeking ploys resorting to lies, hatred and psychological projection, a condition that seems to afflict Glenn Beck (Hollow Weiner), Bill O Reily (Hell-O-Whiny) and other clinical narcissists and cult leaders and their followers and those who don’t need  masks for Halloween.

*  *  *


Why Glenn Beck IS dangerous: I’m not alone in my comparisons of Beck’s strategies akin to Hitler and Stalin. Today I found many European publications have already noted the similarities, considering Europe is far more sensitive to the signs that shook it. An Economist article showing just how dangerous Beck really is : Pass this on folks.


Need a sane healthy laugh? A fellow wordpress blogger has made an extensive list of the witty signs that actual attendees of the ‘Sanity Rally’ carried….what a relief to see some real sane wit and humour ‘stead of the paranoia promoted by Beck’s ‘Horror Rally’!