A Slow September


New York, 30 September, 2011. I have been a bit tardy in the last couple of months with the speed and number of posts. But maintaining a blog as a side muse while going through personal and professional pressures is often not easy.

Oh well, at least on this last day of September, before the month comes to a close, here’s a tiny message of both physical, ecological and financial wisdom that states it so clearly. The following picture was taken on a New York City sidewalk. It is the work of an artist spray painting this very effective and straightforward message.

A New York artist has spray painted this on walls and sidewalks. So true!


For those who need another Whiff of ‘If’– click here


And remember, whatever you do – do NOT, I repeat – DO NOT WEAR/BUY/ENDORSE FUR. There is NO excuse for the torture and skinning alive those mammals go through for a show of fake vanity by hideous hearts who wear fur. A blast from the past – i.e. a post from last September, lest we forget, that the fashion world still hasn’t changed in its cruelty and callousness, and is still promoting fur even this season, click: Saltationism of Silliness