Dogs, Mad Dogs and Englishmen


You gotta hand it to that indie rock band OK-GO. I’d earlier placed two of their videos – the amazingly innovative one with an elaborate arrangement of dominoes & the one known as the ‘Treadmill song.’ They’re in this post:

OK-GO’s videos are made with no computer effects and shot in one take. And their latest one released three days ago is a real heart-warmer.  They took almost 100 takes of the sequence and the one released for the video is the 72nd take.

Since writing my last post, and since the time I’d seen the videos of the truth behind fur (Saltationism of Silliness), I’d been saddened and horrified for days and nights on end. Somewhere, the repulsion at that injustice still stays within. How can people who endorse and work for fur be so cruel?  So watching this video this week was truly heart-warming. And a much needed laugh. Dogs – those devoted, trusting brown-eyed givers of unconditional love.  Take a gander. Or rather, a sniff and a woof:



Mad dogs and Englishmen may go out in the midday sun, but my favourite rock band would rather venture out in the dark side of the moon. If the above two videos were not so much for the music itself but only for the imagination of choreography with dancing dogs, and the second for the out-of-usual-context presence and pleasant shock of seeing the Tennis world’s No. 1 player doggy-styling artistically choreographed poses, this one is mainly for its timeless music and lyrics. One of my all time top favourite songs that I can hear over and over and over again. From the group whose quality and innovation has been as consistent and staunch as the proverbial metaphor of the English bulldog.

Time. Turbulent. Tenacious. Timeless.


Breathe, breathe in the air
Don’t be afraid to care
Leave, but don’t leave me
Look around
Choose your own ground

Long you live and high you fly
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be…..

Run, rabbit run
Dig that hole, forget the sun
And when at last the work is done
Don’t sit down
It’s time to dig another one.

(excerpt from Pink Floyd ‘Breathe’ Album Dark Side of the Moon)


The timeless giver of unconditional love : D-O-G


The Longest Tennis Match

June 24, 2010. Being a devoted tennis enthusiast since childhood till today, I have to post this, even though I know the whole world is tuned into FIFA right now:

Congratulations, John Isner for finally winning your match against Nicolas Mahut! But both of you are winners, really. Wow! The longest match in professional tennis history ever! In July 2008, I’d watched the nail-biting epic Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. That was a game I’ll never forget….But this one just blows one’s mind away due to its sheer length and tenacity. It spread over 3 days for more than 11 hours!  And just the final set itself lasted 8 hours and 11 minutes!! (The shortest tennis match by contrast at a Grand Slam is the 1988 French Open Final which Steffi Graf won 6-0, 6-0 against Natasha Zvereva in a record 32 minutes.) I’m only wondering just how physically exhausted Isner and Mahut must be right now. And this was just a first round match. And Isner has to play another just this coming Friday!

 John Isner

John Isner (Photo: Alastair Grant, AP.) “Honestly, when I left the match, I really thought it was a dream. I didn’t think that type of match was possible. So I was really expecting to wake up, in all seriousness. I didn’t sleep great. I only slept for four hours. I talked to Nic. He said he only slept for about three. So we’re both kind of running on fumes right now. Yesterday, I didn’t know what I was thinking out there, especially once the match got past, you know, 25-all. I wasn’t really thinking. I was just hitting a serve and trying to hit a forehand winner is the only thing I was doing. Fortunately, that was going in on my service games. He was serving great and hopping around eight hours into the match, which was remarkable.”- Isner.

The Associated Press has the following report:

WIMBLEDON, England — John Isner has won the longest match in tennis history, taking the fifth set against Nicolas Mahut 70-68.

The first-round match at Wimbledon took 11 hours, 5 minutes over three days. Isner closed out the victory Thursday with a backhand winner, then collapsed to his back as he tossed his racket in jubilation and relief.

Isner won 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68.

The match lasted so long it was suspended because of darkness — two nights in a row. Play resumed Thursday at 59-all and continued for more than an hour before Isner won.

The American finished with 112 aces, and Mahut had 103. There were only three service breaks in the match, the last coming on the final point.

A more detailed article on the match, quotes by the players and the biographic as well as biometric information of the two towering tennismen is here:

There is something very objective, very individualistic about tennis singles matches that I’ve always found very fascinating. It is a game where victory depends on the person alone, independent of teams, and more based on individual strength, skill and stamina. And when two good players battle it out on the court, there is something very inspiring in the way they both try their best, for the sake of good shots and a good game, without anything personal against each other. There is something extremely powerful about good tennis matches that can only be experienced, not written about.

Bravo Isner & Mahut! Thank you  for giving us an incredible  match that we’ll always remember…..