An alternative, at last!

 ‎”Speak softly but carry a big can of paint.” – Banksy. The new social network for free thinkers, artists, scientists, innovators and those who believe in rational ethics. It’s about quality, not quantity. If you don’t want to share the same network which also houses fundamentalist nuts, pro-fur cruellas and bullies or stalkers – an alternative is here. At last.

Clean, clear graphics in the site, very user-friendly and most of all NO ads and secure privacy. Check out the video on vimeo and youtube. Beta-launch and testing begins on November 9, 2011 – Carl Sagan’s birthday, and full launch on February 12 – yep – Charles Darwin’s birthday – whatever year it is.

Spread it around,  folks! the (R)Evolution is Here.

Don’t forget to turn up the speakers and watch in full screen mode.