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The Gipsy Geek

The Gipsy Geek (that’s right – the old spelling with an “i” – and not to be confused with the other “Gypsy-Geek blogs/media out there which came in AFTER this one) is an architect-artist-traveler who has made this virtual home to park her musings, philosophizing, pondering, meanderings, eccentricities and random thoughts, rants and reflections which  occasionally and  irregularly  pop up  due to the predicament of having a geeky brain and a gipsy heart. And since the logic behind ideas is often expressed better through writing,  this is an outlet for her thoughts. A site separated from her more formal work one, which alas, does not allow room for other interests but remains focused only on architecture. To contact directly, drop a line at gipsygeek at gmail  dot com

First person: I’ve grown up in five different countries, and visited and worked in many more  – both in off-beat far out exotic (and sometimes dangerous) places and in more safer and cushier ones. I’ve been living in New York City for a while now, my 11th city – after nearly two years in Cambridge, USA. I’ve worked as  an architect, landscape architect, interior designer and eco-city planner for several years, both as a free lancer and  for distinguished  firms; and feel grateful that my works through the years have been recognized through professional and academic awards and fellowships.

gipsyMy interests include mountaineering (favourite ranges are the Kumaon & Kanchenjunga), ice-cliff climbing, kayaking, flying a Cessna (though I don’t own one yet), painting, cooking, reading voraciously, a past that included music, classical dance, print modeling and theatre and a present that hasn’t lost the goofiness that caused me to often spend time alone in the playground and lost in my thoughts and staring at the fractal geometry of leaves and branches. Or lying on the ground peering at close range and finding how the earth comes alive as the insect-world unfolds between blades of grass and dandelion stalks.

And though I’m free with my play of words and speak six languages, it is not the mode through which my brain primarily processes information. I ‘think’ in pictures. And that has its reasons, which some day I hope I can write a post on.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave comments on the writings. Both the ‘ni’ kind  of comments and the ‘ekki-ekki-ekki-pittang-zoom-boing’ kind. (And if you got that, you’re  a man/woman after my own heart.) All geeks and gypsies and everything in between welcome! Also, thank-you to all those who send me direct mails and to all the readers who wrote relevant comments.

Please note that any unintended  self-assuredness, humour or sarcasm in the site is of the INTJ – variety, so excuse its directness. (I have a facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TheGipsyGeek/  but never actively advertised nor asked for ‘fans’ since I write for myself more as an outlet and not particularly for any following. But a flickr, twitter, instagram and myspace account with the same name out there, including that of a cosplayer are not mine. Also sites which say “gypsygeek” aren’t mine either. Mine was the first site with the moniker and I’ve always spelled it as the Old English “Gipsy.”)

And yes, for those who asked, those are my eyes in the header…..


To read the posts, click on the “Home” page for a few recent ones or the “Archive/List of all posts” page for the complete list.

(and here are a few more pics to piss off 2 cyber-bullies who were relentlessly illogically mean even though I liked being anonymous and displayed only a concealed photo. No more.  

These days it has come to the point that the term “rational woman” has become such an oxymoron that those who are logical have to declare themselves as ‘mentally abnormal’ in order to be left in peace! If you even say that you are a logical woman, some folks get ‘offended'(?). If you say you are a ‘geek’ they expect to see nerd glasses and clumsy mannerisms. ‘Feminine’ is pigeonholed to ‘soft, pretty but dumb and stupid.’ ‘Feminist’ is pigeonholed to meaning ‘angry, frustrated and other-harsh-look-related-adjectives woman.’ And if you say you are an architect, you’re expected to wear that unisex black turtle neck and be ‘manly’. Or be some 50+ bearded (or bald) man with thick black-rimmed glasses. Really, I wonder how such labels and descriptions have become prevalent. How about we blast all stereotypes, embrace paradoxes and just let people who are individualistic just ‘BE’. Be themselves, that is, without subscribing to any role/uniform/preconception?!

I think the world is proceeding into an illogical orgy of all the non-doers ‘getting offended’ by the doers for actually doing something.  Or being themselves. Just a reminder – if it weren’t for the logical, rational computer engineers, even the internet would not have been possible…. As a certain world-known geeky entrepreneur had once said: “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one!”

....gipsy geek


........MADDY VICTORIAN1..gg7




9 thoughts on “About the Gipsy Geek

  1. could you, please tell, how to get to the monastery on the rock (in detail), i’m planning our next trip to india. thnx

    • Hi Alega,

      That monastery on the rock is actually in Bhutan, just east of India. It is a well-known one – the Taktsang monastery. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paro_Taktsang If you are from the Ukraine, you will have to first find if you need a separate visa to go to Bhutan. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g321541-d581056/Paro:Bhutan:Taktsang.Monastery.Tigers.Nest..html

      I am traveling at the moment so can’t write a detailed reply, but would be happy to send you any travel advisory and about getting around in India if you write back on whether you wish to visit only India or also include Bhutan. There are many monasteries in India too, in Dharamshala (which is very crowded though and where the Dalai lama lives) but also in Ladakh and Sikkim in the north-east and the Kumaons which are far less crowded. Are you specifically looking to visit only monasteries or other places in India? Many people with their families go on package trips to Bhutan, I though went with a mountaineering group (which I would not advise if you are taking young children.)
      These parts are not very quick with emergency situations etc. so mountaineering is advised only if you go with a very seasoned group or guide.

      Wikitravel gives the following advice regarding visas to enter Bhutan. http://wikitravel.org/en/Bhutan#Get_in I got my visa from the Bhutan embassy in N. Delhi, while traveling there, since I’m a Canadian. But if you are only traveling through India – there are many many scenes there too. But I can send you tips to avoid any bad experiences. Here’s a sample of the beautiful scenery in India : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNWeBVBqo2c

  2. Hello Gipsy Geek,

    I’m a fellow traveller and ‘Nietzschean’ (he and Deleuze formed the core of the Ph. in my Ph.D. in geography). I stumbled upon your page while searching for a “Dionysian” graphic for a lecture-presentation I’m giving about indigenous development here in Taiwan. I started reading your blog and am still feeling stunned at your perspicacity and the philosophical kinship I feel.

    I’m actually not writing to ‘gush’ or join what must be a burgeoning Gipsy Geek fan club, but rather to share something else I stumbled upon during my Dionysian search. It’s an essay in which the writer argues that the Sofia Coppola film _Lost in Translation_ is actually about an encounter between Dionysius and Artemis in the wilderness (Tokyo). The writer goes further to explain Bob (Dionysius)’s marriage to “Lydia” in terms of the Hera and Hestia archetypes: http://knowledgeflows.org/downloads/lost_in_translation_artemis_and_dionysus_in_love.pdf

    Without wanting to reveal too much of myself, I can say that I’m a Taiwanophile, similarly “lost in translation”, seemingly stuck in my own “bardo” (essay last paragraph), searching for a way to articulate in a new phase of life the Dionysian energies which have always played such a productive and disruptive role in my existence. And heading back in a week or so, after a year in Taiwan, to the west side of “la belle province” to try to figure things out with my own Hera…

    I’d love to hear from you. If I don’t, no hard feelings. Just keep doing what you do…

    • Hello Gaiagrapher/Northern Wolf,

      Thank you for your thoughtful, insightful comment. Yes – Nietzsche, Dionysius and philosophy – I could go on for hours on such things…my father was a geophysicist/geographer and my mother a philosopher (both had Ph.Ds in their disciplines) so I didn’t stand a chance to not get deeply influenced by both science and philosophy from an early age.

      Yes – I do indeed know about the simile of the movie Lost in Translation- I had read that piece earlier this year because I was curious to know what came on searching for Artemis & Dionysus. The poem was perhaps, references to a rather insane Dionysus I had met some years back who rattled my very Apollonian/Artemesian ways of thinking.

      Did you know that Herman Hesse’s ‘Narcissus & Goldmund’ (a stunningly beautifully written book) is a comparison of the Apollonian and Dionysian dualities? You must have read it, but if not, reading about your travels and search, I have a feeling that you may find it a book you can relate well to.

      Some posts, if you are the questioning kind, that may appeal to you are ‘Truth & Dare’, ‘Love in the time of February,’ (I would recommend this to any men who have encountered women with Cluster B disorders in their lives), This Too Shall Pass, and Racqueting on a Grass Court. Saltationism of Silliness also gets many hits, but it may be for the stunning pic of the woman in it, and I personally like ‘Unfettered’. which is about a friend. And of course, all the ones related to GIS and satellite imagery such as Random Acts of Planet Earth. Also one of my personal favorites is Thanking the Will of Determination which has a link to Werner Herzong’s incredible documentary “Little Dieter Needs to Fly.” which I think every man and woman must watch.

      The world is small…without giving away details on a public forum, I think you and I have a certain common academic connection (though it’s been years since I last spoke to him, though he still remains a professional contact and a dear soul) – a beloved elderly professor in City Planning, originally from Scotland. He happened to be on my thesis committee – and made me think in wonderfully holistic ways about the world. Small world.

      “….stuck in my own “bardo” (essay last paragraph), searching for a way to articulate in a new phase of life the Dionysian energies which have always played such a productive and disruptive role in my existence.” Wonderfully phrased.

      You can write to me directly at gipsygeek at gmail dot com, so I can reveal my real identity. My day job is in the world of architecture and prim & proper business, so the blog is the outlet to other sides, that in our diplomatic world, we cannot often openly speak of. Albeit, those who know me closely, do know that I like saying facts, for what they are, without sugar-coating, and without being afraid to understand or deciphering why so much chaos continues in the world and pointing out injustices without holding back..Truth and Ethics are more important than popularity or foggy delusions.



  3. Hello gipsy geek, just watched murdering fur farmers video that you encouraged people to see. Feel sick now. I will be more pro active for sure. But… one of your pictures (red hat red top?) That’s not a fur hat , ritd?

    • Thanks Joanne for being proactive.

      Yes, as traumatic and sickening as the video is to us, it’s worse for the poor innocents. It’s unfathomable just how cruel humans are.

      And no, the red hat I had is not fur at all, nor wool. It’s stringy soft textile fibres. I don’t wear any fur, nor down-filled parkas, and don’t carry any leather purses.
      As they say, one must practice what one preaches.

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