Happy New Year from New York!

Some New York Moments for the New Year

Happy New Year New York

New York Moments (click to enlarge):
(1) Honored to be invited to the private opening reception of “Miles Davis:The Collected Artwork” hosted by the Davis Family (along with Rock Paper Photo and Esquire Magazine) at Gallery 151, NYC
(2) Got to meet Stephen Colbert as a VIP invitee and ask him (and get a hilarious architectural critique) of some of New York’s most prominent buildings.
(3) The new Freedom Tower in the backdrop
(4) Times Square
(5) Excited to get great seats in the Yankee Stadium to see Roger Water’s (Pink Floyd) “The Wall.”
(6) In Bryant Park
(7) On the interior steps of the New York Public Library
(8) At an exhibition opening at Storefront for Art & Architecture.

A Happy New Year to all my readers. friends and visitors to this blog! Here’s to 2014, to new hopes and beginnings…….Live long and prosper.