Ten days & Tendresse


The last ten days of September.
Fall slipp’d  in e’er so fast
Stealthily, like a sneaky lover
Standing behind my back
Gazing upon the words I write
Before pouncing
As a surprise….
An act eliciting more laughter from my lover
Than from me – and I blink, bewildered.
For I was still unprepared
For this intrusion,
Intoxicated as I was
By Summer’s carefree nights
And sweaty warmth
Subtle at first, sizzling thereafter,
Then a sweet surrender to an endless siesta
And a naïve scent of a promise of “forever”
Stuck in some state of balmy stasis.

But I welcome the crisp refreshing coolness
Of Autumn’s wisps and whimsies
Winds caressing the skin on my face
My naked arms soakin’ in
The last remainders of steady sunbeams
That still linger within my hands
Before Winter blasts her Artic chill
’pon these northern lands.

And when the white sheath covers
and blizzards descend
on darkened
December morns,
I shall remember
with a twinge. Yes, I’ll recall that time
whence leafy streaks of red commenc’d,
those sun-drenched afternoons
those days of sudden
ten days
of September.

 – © September 20, 2013. Maddy. (The Gipsy Geek)


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