Musings on an August morning…

“Transformation” (acrylic on cardboard. click to enlarge)


august      morning


Last night, I saw your smile.
That incipient curve
Crooked at first
Before it  burst
Full force
like a radiant ray of sunshine
And you spoke of random acts
Of travel
life, love, learning
Of wandering
And wondering….
Over a glass of velvet wine
While Jarrett jammed Jazz
In Pandora’s box
Do you know what you mean to me?
The joy you bring through Our 
Aberrant moments together?
Carousing through this city
Those carefree conversations?
And tumbling-spontaneous-endless-unexpected sensations?
And I am once again that girl
Who whirl’d on a quiet cloudy beach one afternoon
without a care in the worl’
Drunk in the joy
Of unchained abandon
Letting the waves of the surf-speckled ocean
Kiss her skin on the salted sand….
And I feel those kisses again
In the touch of your hand….
That hand that makes your music
That breathes life into this thirsty August air
With notes that pull my heartstrings
And ripple through your careless hair
And the innocence of a connection
That has no name, no heed.
Yet binded by our laughter
And similarities that exceed
Beyond our wildest expectations
A surprise each time we meet
Ah! The beauty of the written word,
Of letters, and of longing
You’re far again, yet in my thoughts
Every single morning………

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