When words are unnecessary – 2

In the world of Music, Mathematics and Architecture, language is not necessary to communicate. The first ‘speaks’ in notations and through the medium of musical instruments,  the second through symbols and numbers and the last, when it is designed uniquely and well – is ‘spoken’ through drawings at its inception, and is experienced in the three dimensional ‘poetry of space.’

Question: Why don’t we see this beautiful, grounded, intelligent, well-read, educated, amazingly talented  lady (and a very good and observant writer on her own, as evidenced from the ‘postcards’ on her own site that she has written for more than 15 years) more visible in the mainstream media? Her  rationality, values, views and justified success would be such a better inspiration to young girls instead of the sad sorry samples of scandal-to-notoriety skanks we see omnipresent in the glossies in the USA?

Here’s a performance by my favourite violinist, the grounded, gifted genius Hilary Hahn. This composition by the way, is one of the most difficult ones to play and to do so by memory as she does here – jaw-dropping pure genius. And yes, she is also a master of one of the other most difficult and timeless solo violin pieces ever written – Bach’s chacconne ( a piece I am addicted to) and also plays Elgar effortlessly.

For more on Hilary: http://www.hilaryhahn.com/ & here.

An interview:  here


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3 thoughts on “When words are unnecessary – 2

  1. I completely agree with you on all of the above. Hilary is an amazingly talented lady, and she should have more exposure in the media, but the fact that classical music in its purest forms itself gets very little exposure, and even after she’s won 2 Grammys and made an appearance on the soundtrack of a Hollywood-produced film, she still manages to cause people to scratch their heads at the mention of her name (Not to mention many people still spell her name wrong), so, I’m not sure if she’ll ever totally see that kind of spotlight, For now, I like the status she does have where she travels the world and does amazing things as an artist and has such a quirky personality, and something tells me she’s okay with the anonymity of her status as well.

    • Spot on, Chris! But I must add, even amongst classical violinists, she is an amazingly grounded, classy and authentic person. (I say this from personal experience in the sense there are those who have a mask to the world and something else in private.) But Hilary – she is 100% genuine, both as an individual and as a musician.

      Truly, what a good role model for young women she is – unlike the floozies that dominate the media with no talent in idiotic reality shows. But sadly, such is usually how the world works.

      I am glad that at least she is who she is and has shared with us the gift of her incredible talent and beauty (in and out.) And that those who recognize her genius are loyal to her.

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