A year goes by. A New year comes. Every 365.2425 solar days.


Two leaves and Marley’s tail. 2nd Avenue, New York, NY.


A gentle little bunny rests on my lap.


A fly rests on the corner of a horse’s eye in a farm in Wisconsin


Jazz quartet with Charles McPherson at Joe Segal’s Jazz Showcase, Chicago


Flanked by the great jazz saxophonist Charles McPherson and drummer/neuroscientist  Dave Johnson. Charles is an architecture enthusiast and a brilliant conversationalist

Charles’ music : here; On wiki: here. More: here


My favourite patio at a secluded location where I’ve enjoyed many a meal and sunset staring out into the ocean in solitude. South Florida.


Bass guitarist Norbert Marius strums at an instrument he custom-built himself. At Jules Bistro, West Village, New York. (Norbert has also done custom-built installations for Roger Waters’ studio in New York.)


Moi, dressed as some space-age devil during Halloween, New York City.


A street light seen from the back of my car seat. I took this photo after it was irreversibly broken after a near-death accident I had while driving it last summer.


Sunset on a lake in Woodstock, NY.


A view of the Chrysler building, New York.


How do you define a Year in your life? Time? Age? Memories? Milestones? Life? (Did you know the Latin word for year is “annus”?) Or  a fixed period on a calender set this way: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year ?

Or a new dose of hope for eternal optimists?

Happy 2011!



2 thoughts on “1.1.’11

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